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Dundee's Ultimate Hair and Beauty Courses: Elevate Your Style

If you are looking to elevate your style and unleash your creativity in the world of hair and beauty, look no further than Dundee's ultimate hair and beauty courses. With a range of courses offered by the Salon Fierce Training Academy, you will be able to master the art of hairstyling and beauty techniques that will empower you to take your skills to the next level.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, there is a course for everyone, all of which can be tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. Expand your knowledge and expertise in areas such as bridal hair and styling, as well as lash application and skincare. 

Our Courses

Led by industry experts and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, these courses provide hands-on experience and practical training that will boost your confidence and set you apart in the competitive world of hair and beauty.  Whether you are starting a new career or upgrading your skills, our hair and beauty courses are designed to give you the knowledge and practical experience to excel in the industry. 

Our Facilities

Exceptional Quality

Full salon facilities

Refreshments and lunch provided

Multilingual Functionality

Hairdressing doll heads

Dummy model eyes

Live models


The content emailed to me prior to the course was in depth but easy to absorb the volume of information. 

Ideal that the manual is then yours for good, so I can then refer back to it if necessary. 

Upon arriving for my course, we were made to feel welcome and offered some refreshments. 

Nikki then went though my equipment pack, explaining all the elements and where I could source additional waxing products when I've ran out. 

We then moved onto the practical element. Nikki was very patient, showing me how to do something first, before I then attempted it myself. 

She observed everything I was doing, without me feeling like she was hanging over my shoulder. She offered helpful tips as I practiced and made myself and my model feel very welcome and relaxed. 

The time flew in very quickly but I never felt that Nikki was rushing me, once. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and would 100% recommend Salon Fierce training academy for anyone who is looking to get into the sector.

Why Choose Our Hair And Beauty Qualifications?

Salon Fierce Training Academy consists of skilled salon professionals who are devoted to delivering top-notch hair and beauty courses. Our academy provides a variety of programs for individuals seeking to embark on a fresh career or enhance their existing skills and qualifications. Our team comprises seasoned industry experts who strongly desire to impart their knowledge and expertise to the upcoming generation of salon professionals.

Our academy is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing atmosphere where students can learn and develop. We offer practical training and personalised attention to ensure our students are fully prepared to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. At Salon Fierce Training Academy, we are committed to aiding our students in achieving their goals and realising their maximum potential as salon professionals. Come join us on our path to excellence in the hair and beauty industry.



Enrol Now In Our Hair And Beauty Course

Are you passionate about hair and beauty and looking to turn your passion into a successful career? Look no further! Enrol now in our hair and beauty course and unlock your full potential. Our comprehensive courses are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional in the industry. Whether you dream of working in a salon, spa, or even starting your own business, our course will help you achieve your goals. 









Training is not only about learning the latest techniques but also about understanding the importance of client satisfaction and building strong relationships. With hands-on experience and guidance from experienced professionals, you can learn the art of transforming someone's look and boosting their self-confidence

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