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The Ultimate Hot Stone Massage Course Near You

Embark on a transformative journey with Salon Fierce Academy's hot stone massage course in Dundee. Learn to harness the profound healing powers of hot stones to provide treatments that go beyond the conventional massage therapy. Our course offers deep insights and hands-on experience, teaching you the revered art of hot stone massage that harmonises body, mind, and spirit, creating a sanctuary of well-being for your clients.

Detailed Course Overview - Your Stepping Stone to A Trending Massage Technique

Step into a comprehensive one-day hot stone massage training that promises a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Here's what you will learn:

One Day Course

Professional Kit

Embark on your learning journey that covers half a day, dedicated to learning and practicing the art of braids. The interactive session promises to fine-tune your skills, introducing you to the world of intricate braids and twists that go beyond the basics.

Equipped with a high-quality hot stone set and heating case, you'll have everything at your fingertips to start your practice immediately.

Your professional kit includes the following:

  • Hot stone heating box (16 stones included) 

  • 100ml grapeseed oil 

Everything you need to start your career in Hot Stone Massage!

In-depth Manual: Delve deep into the nuances of hot stone massage with a manual that offers you step-by-step guidance, ensuring a steep learning curve.

Lifetime Support via WhatsApp: Benefit from a network of like-minded individuals and experienced professionals, providing you a platform for continuous learning and growth.

Qualification: Stand out in the competitive market with a recognised diploma in hot stone massage, a testament to your expertise and dedication.

Entry Requirements and Price:

Experience: Prior experience in full-body massage is a prerequisite.

Investment: £320, an investment towards a fulfilling career.

Kindly remember to bring two large towels for the training session.

Why Salon Fierce Academy is Your Go-To Destination for Hot Stone Massage Training

With Nikki Lannen leading the course, learners gain insights from an expert with over seven years in the beauty industry. Her rich experience encompassing a stint at a 5-star hotel brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Hear it from on of our satisfied students:

“I really enjoyed the course and Nikki was a great teacher, she made me feel at ease, will definitely be booking another course. Thanks!”

A Flourishing Career in Hot Stone Massage Awaits

Recent trends highlight a surge in demand for wellness treatments, with cities like Birmingham, London, and Glasgow witnessing a significant increase in treatment spends. By enrolling in our course, you open doors to unparalleled opportunities in the thriving wellness industry, capitalising on the increased preference for holistic treatments that promote well-being and relaxation.

Hassle-Free Booking and Flexible Payment Options

Embarking on your learning journey has never been easier. A simple deposit secures your spot, with convenient payment plans available to facilitate a smooth transition into your hot stone massage training adventure.

Your Questions Answered – Hot Stone Massage Training FAQs

Find answers to common questions as you consider enrolling in our Hot Stone Massage Training. 

  • Who is this course ideal for?
    Whether you are a parent wishing to style your child's hair, a youngster eager to learn, or a hairdresser aiming to enhance your skill set, this course is your perfect match.
  • What does the course fee cover?
    The inclusive fee of £95 covers a half day of learning, a master demonstration and practical sessions.
  • What is the outcome of this course?
    Upon successful completion, each participant will be awarded a Diploma certificate, a testament to their proficiency in braiding, ready to take on personal and professional challenges with newfound skills and confidence.
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