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Bridal Styling Course at Salon Fierce Training Academy

Your Dream Bridal Styling Course Awaits!


Welcome to the bridal styling course presented by Salon Fierce Training Academy. This immersive and fully accredited course brings you the perfect opportunity to delve deep into the art of bridal styling. Whether you are taking the first steps in your hairstyling career or looking to add a new service to your portfolio, this course is designed just for you!

Course Overview

Join us to unravel the secrets behind the perfect braid through a comprehensive course structure that promises a day of intensive learning and fun.

One Full Day Course

Our full-day course promises not just learning but a fun-filled experience, where you not only understand the fundamentals of hair preparation and safety but also master advanced bridal styling techniques. The course encompasses the following aspects:

Product and Equipment Advice:

Get supplier recommendations for products and equipment and know what products to avoid to deliver the best results for your clients.

Health and Safety:

Before your clients step in, learn the preparation steps to ensure safety. Prior to the course beginning you will receive a manual detailing the health and safety protocols for treatments.

Photo Tips and Tricks:

Learn how to capture your work from the best angles and backgrounds to showcase your skills effectively on social media. These tips are essential for getting your business out there and growing your client base.


Keep your energy up with a delightful lunch provided on the day of the training.

Certification: Walk away with a diploma in bridal styling, a testament to your newly acquired skills for you to hang in your own salon.

Level and Entry Requirements:

The course welcomes enthusiasts with open arms, requiring no prior experience. It stands as a beginner-friendly course, guiding you to craft simple and intricate bridal up-dos with flair and expertise.

Why Choose Salon Fierce Academy

Choosing Salon Fierce Academy means opting for a rich learning experience guided by industry experts, Nicola Rooney and Ashley Duvenhage. Nicola, an hair styling who nurtured her passion in her mum's salon, and Ashley, with a riveting 17 years of experience, bring you practical insights and hands-on training to kickstart your journey in the bridal hairstyling.


Our past students vouch for the transformative learning experience, with glowing reviews like:

"I had my bridal hair up course with Salon Fierce and I absolutely loved it. I learn so many ideas and techniques that I can't wait to start using on clients and creating a side business.I love hair and this course has made it more clear how to make a career out of it.
Thank you Nicola."

Booking and Contact Information

Booking your spot is a hassle-free process, with all details available on our website for a seamless online booking experience. For any queries or assistance in choosing the right course for you, feel free to reach out to the Salon Fierce team; we're here to guide you!


Find answers to common questions as you consider enrolling in our braids course. 

  • Who is this course ideal for?
    Whether you are a parent wishing to style your child's hair, a youngster eager to learn, or a hairdresser aiming to enhance your skill set, this course is your perfect match.
  • What does the course fee cover?
    The inclusive fee of £95 covers a half day of learning, a master demonstration and practical sessions.
  • What is the outcome of this course?
    Upon successful completion, each participant will be awarded a Diploma certificate, a testament to their proficiency in braiding, ready to take on personal and professional challenges with newfound skills and confidence.

Join us for a day of learning and discovery, nurturing your skills and walking away with the confidence to forge a successful career in bridal hairstyling. It’s not just a course; it’s the beginning of a beautiful journey in the world of bridal hair styling in the UK.

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