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Your Pathway to Mastering Classic Lashes

Embark on a rewarding journey with our Classic Lashes Course in Dundee, designed to equip you with skills from the basic to the intricate details of lash artistry. Learn classic lashes techniques through hands-on training, and pave the way for an exciting career in the beauty industry.

What the Classic Lashes Course Entails

Delve into a structured one-day course that elucidates every facet of classic lash application, covering aspects such as lash prepping and lash mapping. The course details are as follows:

One-day intensive training

Your Professional Kit

The course day is broken down into the following stages:

  • Information of the best products

  • Information of what you need to make your client feel comfortable, lash bed/chair/cushions blankets etc. 

  • Practice on a dummy to gain some confidence before practicing on your model.

  • Lunch

  • Model followed by questions and making sure you feel you have all the information to go home to do your case studies. 

To aid in your learning, a professional kit stacked with premium tools and products will be at your disposal. Your professional kit includes: 

  • Lashes

  • Tweezers

  • Lash glue

  • Primer

  • Cleanser

  • Superbonder

  • Under eye pads

  • Micro brushes

  • Mascara wands

  • Glue rings

In depth manual:

A comprehensive manual that serves as a valuable reference guide in your lash styling career.

Lunch: Relish a delightful lunch, included in your course package.

Support: Get lifetime support via WhatsApp, ensuring you have a mentor at every stage of your career.

Qualification: Earn a Classic Lash Diploma, a testimony to your mastery in lash styling.

Entry Requirements

Open to all, this course demands no prior experience, inviting enthusiasts from all walks of life to learn classic lashes.



£299 is the investment required to enjoy the endless opportunities in the lash styling domain.

Why Choose Salon Fierce Academy for Your Classic Lashes Course

Under the guidance of Emma Mulholland, a lash expert with a rich background spanning over 7 years, you'll delve deep into the world of lashes. Emma will not only teach you the course curriculum but also share her own tips and tricks she has learned to get the best results for you and your client.

"Loved attending the classic lash course… Emma made me feel so relaxed, she talked me through everything, gave me her own personal tips, and made me feel very confident when practicing on my own client. Cannot wait until I’m doing the Russian lash course."

Career Opportunities

For Beauticians: A golden opportunity to expand your skillset and service offerings, attracting a broader clientele.

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Begin your entrepreneurial journey with a skill that offers lucrative returns. Start your own lash studio or offer freelance services, the sky's the limit.

Stepping Stone to Advanced Courses: Successful completion of this course primes you for our advanced Russian Lash Course, further expanding your expertise and business prospects.

Classic Lash Course Booking and Contact Information:

Secure your seat with a minimal deposit, and explore convenient payment plans tailored for you. For any enquires, our lines are always open to assist you in kickstarting your career in the lash industry. You can get in touch with one of the Salon Fierce Academy team here.

Classic Lashes FAQs: Getting You Ready for the course

Explore our detailed FAQ section, answering the common questions potential learners have, and providing insights into the classic lashes industry:

  • Who is this course ideal for?
    Whether you are a parent wishing to style your child's hair, a youngster eager to learn, or a hairdresser aiming to enhance your skill set, this course is your perfect match.
  • What does the course fee cover?
    The inclusive fee of £95 covers a half day of learning, a master demonstration and practical sessions.
  • What is the outcome of this course?
    Upon successful completion, each participant will be awarded a Diploma certificate, a testament to their proficiency in braiding, ready to take on personal and professional challenges with newfound skills and confidence.
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