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Kickstart Your Career with the Best Hair Extensions Course Near Me

Are you passionate about hair styling and eager to expand your skill set? Welcome to Salon Fierce Academy's distinguished Hair Extensions Course. This one-day comprehensive training is meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and experienced hairdressers in the UK, especially those seeking a top hair extension course nearby. Situated in the vibrant city of Dundee, we are here to guide you every step of the way in mastering the art and science of hair extensions.

Course Overview - Your Comprehensive Guide to Hair Extensions Course UK

Dive deep into what our course offers – from a detailed manual to lifetime support via WhatsApp. Learn the most popular methods such as nano rings, celebrity weaves, and more, ensuring your start in the hair extensions market is solid and reliable.

A Day of Profound Learning

Supplier Recommendations

This one-day course promises an enriching experience, immersing you in the fascinating world of hair extensions. With detailed insights and hands-on practice, you will walk away with a depth of knowledge that puts you a notch above the rest.

To ensure the longevity and quality of hair extensions, it is pivotal to use the right products. Our experts, with their vast experience, will introduce you to the most trusted suppliers in the UK.

In-Depth Manual

We equip you with an exhaustive manual delving into every part of hair extension application, allowing you to reference and practice your skills post-course.

Business Guidance

Beyond technical skills, the course provides essential business guidance, empowering you to seamlessly integrate this service into your existing business or kickstart a new venture.

Professional Kit

A professional kit equipped with all the necessary tools will be at your disposal, setting a firm foundation for your hair extensions practice.


Diploma in Hair Extensions

Upon completion, you will earn a diploma, a testament to your expertise, ready to be showcased in your salon, assuring clients of your qualifications.

Why Choose Salon Fierce Academy – The Top Choice for Hair Extensions Course Dundee

Understand why Salon Fierce Academy is your go-to place for mastering hair extensions. From experienced instructors to impressive career opportunities, find out what makes our academy a top choice for aspiring hairdressers across the UK.

Experienced Instructors

When you opt for our academy, you are choosing to be mentored by industry experts, Nicola Rooney and Ashley Duvenhage. Nicola, a creative genius when it comes to hair up-styles and extensions, will walk you through the intricacies of various styles, imparting skills gained from her rich experience. Ashley, with her 17 years of expertise, will guide you in embracing both the classic and trending hair extension methods, helping you cater to a wide demographic of clients.


The reviews and testimonials from our past students show the amazing experience that we offer. One past student praised her learning journey on the course sharing,

“The course was great, Ashley was amazing! She explained things so well and kept me calm. Would definitely recommend.”

Career Opportunities

With a diploma from Salon Fierce Academy, you not only acquire a skill but open doors to opportunities in the hair industry. This credential allows you to carve a niche in the UK’s competitive market, where hair extensions are a sought-after service. Moreover, we guide you on how to aptly showcase your skills on social platforms, helping you build a clientele base through showing up on social media.

Booking and Contact – Your Path to Premier Hair Extensions Course UK

Ready to elevate your career with the best hair extensions course Dundeehas to offer? Booking your spot is a straightforward process through our online booking system. Should you have queries or need assistance in choosing the right course, feel free to contact our warm and welcoming team. Payment plans are available, with a deposit required to secure your booking.

FAQs - All You Need to Know About Hair Extension Courses in the UK

Navigating through options for hair extensions courses in Dundee and finding the right fit might leave you with questions. We are here to address some of the frequently asked questions to assist you in making an informed decision.

  • Who is this course ideal for?
    Whether you are a parent wishing to style your child's hair, a youngster eager to learn, or a hairdresser aiming to enhance your skill set, this course is your perfect match.
  • What does the course fee cover?
    The inclusive fee of £95 covers a half day of learning, a master demonstration and practical sessions.
  • What is the outcome of this course?
    Upon successful completion, each participant will be awarded a Diploma certificate, a testament to their proficiency in braiding, ready to take on personal and professional challenges with newfound skills and confidence.
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